Upcoming Events that I will be showing & selling at:

Upcoming Shows that I will be selling and showing my artwork:


1/20/12 at Rip’s Bar in Phoenix with 106.7 KWSS and Driving with Gass


1/28/12 at Angelica Gallery in Phoenix Arizona


2/24/12 at the Sail Inn in Tempe AZ for Tempe Art-A-Gogh-Gogh
https://www.facebook.com/mediatempe (event host page)


my fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Artwork-of-Joe-Dragt/194069823972754


106.7 KWSS Driving with Gass Benefit Show.

I will be showing and selling my original artwork and prints at this charity benefit with 20% of my sales going to KWSS charities.



Driving With Gass is celebrating the musical and artistic acts that have been on the show this past year and previous years.  We’ll be raising money to help out the charities: Don’t Be A Chump, Check For Lumps & The St. Mary’s Food Bank, as well as help out KWSS.  There will be some fantastic artists displaying their work, as well as amazing music from: Analog Society, Contrary to Reason, The Pleasure Victims, 1967, Kush County and Darkness Dear Boy.   The Artwork of Joe Dragt, Noreen Ayonayon, Jared Aubel’s Art, Pitufo Azteca, more to be announced The Date Diva will be there as well as some live comedy! Come join us for a great night of music, art and charity.

Free 2012 Calendar!

If you have not purchased a 2012 calendar yet….GREAT! Free for everyone to download, print, and share is The Artwork of Joe Dragt 2012 Promotional Calendar. It is formated to 11×17 and is in PDF format. This would be a great item to print at work unless you have a 11×17 printer at home. I original wanted to come out with a circuit board painting only calendar, however, my art ADD prohibited this from happening. Though I will have one for 2013 and my goal is to have it published and at mall kiosks. http://tomorrowandbeyond.com/The_Artwork_of_Joe_Dragt_2012_Calendar.pdf

Check out DRYC this Weekend at Oktoberfest

Check out my friends band “Dry River Yacht Club” this Saturday (Oct. 8th, 2011) from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Tempe Town Lake. Furthormore, they may have my artwork I did for them done up in giant banner form (9ft x 6ft), which I am extremely excited for, they may have it done up in all sorts of merchandise for this weekend as well. You can check them out at http://dryriveryachtclub.wordpress.com/

Dry River Yacht Club

Dry River Yacht Club

The Ham-Grenade T-Shirts are now ready!

Ham-Grenade T-Shirts are now up on my Zazzle Store! There are two different versions.

1) Being the original artwork available on light-colored shirts only
2) Being the some-what negative version that is ONLY available on style shown below and on a dark grey shirt. I looked at the design on other darker colors and it did not look that great, but was acceptable on dark grey.

Dark Grey Link: http://www.zazzle.com/ham_grenade_tshirt-235874559338615159

Light Colored Shirt Links: http://www.zazzle.com/ham_grenade_tshirt-235048454793079115

I am also having a local vendor do some printing for me as well. I will have the demo tomorrow. Should the shirts look alright, I will be using them for my small inventory of on-hand shirts for shows and events.Edit